Thursday, 3 May 2007

Crop circles found within the complete flower

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Emily Cragg said...

DNA is a symmetrical helix. Each planet is a symmetrical sphere. Our brains are symmetrical bi-cameral halves.

Symmetry in order enables energy to flow evenly. It should not be a surprise that God masters symmetries.

Bienvenue said...

If you need more information about ancient sacred geometry, you can go to, there is a conference by Roger Bénévant untitled "La géométrie sacrée rituélique" on this topics. Links:

Chris B said...


Hi Andrew,

Very interesting subjects, and very interesting pictures. I really enjoyed seeing them.

Have you read on Christopher Dunn's Web Page yet. I am sure you will really be impressed, and blown away by his research on the Great Pyramid. Here is his website link below. Lots of Great Pictures and mind boggling findings by Dunn.

Be sure an scroll down and click on the link that says:
"Supportive Evidence for the Explosion Hypothesis"

The Giza Power Plant proposes that an explosion within the pyramid caused many of the changes found there.

Lots of great pictures,

Chris B

kerry-james said...

Hi Andrew,
are those crop circles for real or just a computer graphics job? They just seem incredible.

Good site ! esp. like your double layer version !


dirk campbell said...

Have you heard of the physicist Nassim Haramein? Your material is remarkably similar to some of his.

nirodhatiller said...

I love a good mystery! I'm also fond of truth. I was intrigued by the CFOL so I downloaded it and gazed for awhile. Lo and behold, it indeed became 3D! However, far from being a magical hyperdimensional portal with lizards or such, I suspect it has been constructed with the intent and by the same means as the Magic Eye images made popular in the 90's.

Never the less, a fun idea!

ilovetheconstitution said...

Hi, there is no such thing as a complete flower of life. All the basic geometry shapes can be found in the classic drawing of the flower of life. Also metatrons cube, and you can see shadows of 4d objects in it.

In the classic drawings, you will notice it is surrounded by 2 circles. These 2 circles represent infinity, and that the pattern is forever going. That is why you can never see a complete flower of life.

Doug said...

Thanks for the blog post - I found it by looking up images for "Flower of Life". The Flower of Life is actually composed of a more simpler image, the Seed of Life, an ancient Christian symbol. I discuss it in more detail on my blog:

mark said...

Did you know there are Flower of Life cookies?