Thursday, 3 May 2007

Is this freemasonrys ultimate secret!?

Could the complete flower be the template for the ancient runes?
Could it be, world secret societies have kept this symbol hidden from humanity, since the dawn of time? (Masonic symbols found within the the complete flower.)

Within this symbol ,all world secret societies(east and west) sacred symbols can be found.



Anonymous said...

You should've put a up graphic with the big eye in the middle of the compass & square.

I wonder if any of Masonry's (or freemasonry) members went to their lodge after seeing The Lord of the Rings, and started getting worried about the big eye symbol.

Except the evil ones - they'd be all hand-rubbingly smarmy about worshipping a stolen eye from Egytpian mythological misinterpretations of number, contrived in such a manner so as to excite the lesser parts of any persona keen enough to match the two together and revel gleefully in being bad. Should you find yourself to harbour such an entity or thoughtforms in yourself then those should be what you burn-up in the fire; Do Not Feed The Parasites.

(the evil side of it being that you have people believe in stealing power to gain power (when they ought to be complete/ self-sufficient within themselves - especially when it comes to magical training and the like), and the eye / G being creator of a universe it doesn't control; mythologically Set having stolen Horus' eye and their using this as a kind of hunting trophy symbol of how wrongful existence is continued, and this is where the Satanism / Set as being a negative 'dark' polarity comes from; check out, say, The Cosmic Pulse of Life for some details on how eye-beams are involved in creation / destruction of matter (by way of cloudbursting examples))

"Frankly, you've got a lot of anger toward the world to work out, Mr. Pembrose."
(from The Far Side)


Anonymous said...

Hi, I studied architecture at Pratt Institute. I came up with the flower of life in a design once. I called it the "hexametric feild" and was influenced by morphology. This feild is important becuase an equalateral triangle is the most expediant means to create a two dimensional solid. I first came upon the design in search for autonomy, by clustering circles. Notice the overlaying of patterns and how they shift. To me this led to noticing a hyperbolic space can fit inside itself when shifted. Euclidean geometry is a creation of Consciousness and non-Euclidean geometries describe Reality's Form. Notice how when looking at the flower, the straight lines imply curving objects, but they are only straight lines. Archimedes is credited with this technique. The flower of life is a gauge and the smallest one conceivable which is why it is important; it's the first Prime Number of Form/Feild. I modified the feild, trading equalateral triangles for 45,45,90 triangles, which makes the circle into an ellipse. The idea being I was making architecture and in doing so the space to structure ratio was optimized. If you fill a glass with spheres and a glass with elliptoids, the glass with sphere's will hold 150% more water, which was structure. I have photos, in my "MY PHOTOS" album on myspace if you care to gander.

nice blog, later

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