Thursday 3 May 2007

Is this the COMPLETE flower of life?

The original unfinished "flower of life" can be found on several pillars within "The Osireon"(The tomb of Osiris) at Abydos in Egypt.World secret societies have made sure ,we either ignore the flower or have our attention drawn to other ancient sites.They have taken great care in keeping the significance of the flower hidden.If you contemplate the symbol it will open a part of the mind which has been lost(hidden)to modern man.

Is this freemasonrys ultimate secret!?

Could the complete flower be the template for the ancient runes?
Could it be, world secret societies have kept this symbol hidden from humanity, since the dawn of time? (Masonic symbols found within the the complete flower.)

Within this symbol ,all world secret societies(east and west) sacred symbols can be found.


Hand drawn flower(Second angle to be viewed from)

The origin of the G of freemasonry.

Origin of the square and compass of freemasonry.

Is this geometry the origin of the "Star of David"!?

Computer generated flower(Second angle to be viewed from)

The complete flower contains the Kabbalahs tree of life,the fruit,the egg and the seed of life. The complete flower also contains the three dimensional metatron cube which holds all the platonic solids. Not just the building blocks of life but the building blocks of creation itself.

Is it a coincedince,the buckminsterfullerene molecule and the complete flower are so alike?

The unfinished flower(Found all over the ancient world)